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Getting out into the sunshine…

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Like my little Honda, things can be slow when you’re battling up-hill.  But we’re getting somewhere at least and the only frustration is that I have not been available as an active player yet.

The forest inventories are coming going and Christian spent much of his weekend training and re-training so that we are ready to get out and measure the trees this week.  The plan is to directly measure


1% of the forest and I have drawn up a set of random points within the area that we can quickly locate, demarcate and measure up.  Some doubted that the villagers could read numbers well enough to record the diameters of the trees accurately, so Christian drew a note out of his pocket and asked, “how much is this?” “50,000 Dong” rang out the chorus: case proven.  The villagers are more capable than some people hasten to think.

With steep slopes and the ravages of deforestation leaving a thick undergrowth, measuring the forest is not entirely straight forward.  With 1% measured we have 126 locations and 4 teams which means, for all practical purposes, we need to get measurements down to 4-5 per day.  That’s some fast work.

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October 26, 2009 at 3:22 am

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