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The weeks fly by.  On Monday I outlined my activities for the five weeks that I will be in Vietnam.  These activities fell within two overarching projects: the website for the project and the google sponsored REDD work.

The website is very simple, necessarily, so that the content management system (a front-end for website management) can be maintained after I am gone by someone who has less experience, less time, with websites.  With the overall architecture of the site completed all I need now is data to populate the fields.  Using Google Docs (appropriately) I’ve asked all staff members to write about themselves and their particular project components.  Then, next week, I will meet with everyone individually to edit and confirm what they have written, collect useful documents and take a nice profile picture.  We should then have a completed site, now for permission to put it online…


The areas in green are known plantations but elsewhere we expect forest according to 2008 data. This image is from 2009 and shows the degree of deforestation that has happened in one year.

REDD-wise the main focus is getting the forest inventory of Thon 4 underway.  The inventory of Thon 6 was largely successful but there was the problem that the maps we used overestimated the area of forest and so when I scattered random points on the map as sites for measurement, a small proportion fell outside of the forest area.  Good for the mapping, bad for the forest inventory.  So, this time around I am updating the forest map carefully and not underestimating the villagers’ capacity to cut down trees.  Preliminary investigation reveals that in a single year large parts of the forest have been cut down.  Making a reliable map is more difficult because the deforestation often occurs as pockets within the forest, rather than just working in around the edges.  Walk into the forest for a day, start up the chainsaw and cut down everything around you.  Simple.

In other news, getting up at early here is a delight, the mornings are beautiful and from my hotel window I can watch the mist between the mountains melt away with the sun creeping overhead.  The weather is getting difficult in the office because both of the overhead fans have exploded but long Vietnamese lunches skip the worst of it.

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November 11, 2009 at 1:45 am

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